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While Lauri J. Goldstein & Associates, PLLCdoes not specifically practice in the field of Workers Compensation, we have a good relationship with local firms who are proficient and effective in handling such cases. For a referral, please feel free to call or email our offices and we will see to it that you are put in good hands.

There are many people working in the Treasure Coast area that have suffered serious injuries while performing their duties at work. Whether the situation involves a back injury, carpal tunnel syndrome, a trip & fall, vehicle accident, construction accident or other type of injury, our firm is here to help you get the compensation you deserve. In any workers' comp case, there can be serious problems, including having a valid claim denied. Employers don't want claims on their record as it increases insurance rates. There are many people who truly cannot function at work who are forced to fight to get the compensation that they deserve under state law.

Work-Related Injuries in Martin County

Construction workers face real dangers every day, even when the employer uses best safety practices. Many of the injuries sustained are very serious, life threatening or fatal. Ladder falls, scaffold falls, trench collapses, electric and gas accidents as well as equipment failures are some of the accidents that frequently result in permanent disability or death. In any workers' compensation claim, third party liability should be investigated. For example, if a scaffolding company failed to erect the structure correctly and it later collapsed, it may be possible to pursue damages beyond the compensation due through workers' compensation benefits. Cases in which there has been a gas explosion, equipment failure or other situation in which another company was involved could allow us to fight for more compensation either through a personal injury claim or lawsuit.

The inability to work, as well as the medical costs can be extensive, and in some cases will range into the hundreds of thousands in just a few months. Serious injuries, such as traumatic brain injuries, severe burns and others will require a lifetime of medical care and treatment. It is imperative that the injured worker has the financial wherewithal to get access to high quality care and treatment, as well as any future treatment released.

The process of recovering fair benefits from workers' compensation can be far more difficult than expected. If you fail to present all documentation, or your case is challenged, if you do not file within time limits and if you don't really understand what benefits could be available to you, it can cause you serious financial trouble.

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