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Have You Been Injured by a Product You Use?

Firestone Tires Under Fire in 2007

A man named William Robbins was involved in two separate accidents, which he fortunately survived. The cause of both motor vehicle accidents were due to his Firestone Steeltex tires that blew out. He described the experience as if his tires had exploded like as if a grenade went off. A mechanic has taken a look at the tires and simply said that he believed them to be defective. Since 2000 these types of tires have been recalled from the market. Mr. Robbins had to react fast after the tire blowouts and do everything in his power to keep his vehicle from rolling over.

If you would like to read the full story, click here: CBS News

When one has purchased a product from a company the expectation is that the product is safe to use and will not cause any damage to the purchaser. Unfortunately, some products have defects or flaws, for example, a faulty tires on a vehicle. Such defects and flaws in products purchased in good faith can cause serious injuries, damages and even death. Often corporations have high-powered attorneys to fight their cases. They may offer certain types of settlements and urge you to quickly sign off and accept their offer. They are watching out for the bottom line of their client, the manufacturer. Do not accept any settlement from a manufacturer without contacting a Martin County Product Liability Attorney from the Law Offices of Lauri J. Goldstein, P.A. It is quite likely that a much larger settlement could be negotiated than what was initially offered to you. At the Lauri J. Goldstein & Associates, PLLC, P.A., the Martin County Product Liability Attorneys are experienced and proven the fight for maximum compensation for damages suffered in product liability cases.