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$1.75M Settlement to Truck Accident Victim

A commercial truck entered the freeway via an off ramp, but he was traveling the wrong direction. The driver had just gone into diabetic shock and was unaware of what he was doing. The truck hit several vehicles and the concrete center divider; it then rebounded into the 2nd lane right in front of the plaintiff. She had no opportunity to avoid the accident and the front of her car struck the truck's right rear wheel. The defendant's truck then became airborne, and caused the plaintiff's car to hit the metal guardrail, and roll backwards until it finally stopped in the third lane.

The incredible damage that can be caused by an out of control truck is truly shocking. Such vehicles can weigh over 80,000 lbs. When there is an impact with a smaller car or truck, the results can be utter devastation. At Lauri J. Goldstein & Associates, PLLC, an attorney can assist with making a claim for compensation for all damages suffered in such an accident. The attorney will fight for the maximum compensation that can be sought. However, it is crucial that you contact an attorney as quickly after the accident as is possible. A review of all the police reports and a careful documentation of the accident as well as all expenses involved must be done immediately when seeking the maximum compensation for damages.

The plaintiff suffered serious injuries from the accident. She had trauma to her spine, bruised ribs, a concussion and multiple sprains on her arms and legs. A settlement of $1.75 million was agreed upon for medical bills and future