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$21 Million Awarded to Victim of Distracted Driver

Venice Wilson sustained serious injuries following a car accident involving a truck driver for Coca Cola. The company knew the dangers of driving and talking on a cell phone, but had a very vague and uncertain cell phone policy. Talking on a cell phone while driving creates a cognitive distraction of 37%.

Often corporations have high-powered attorneys to fight their cases. They may offer certain types of settlements and urge you to quickly sign off and accept their offer. They are watching out for the bottom line of their client, Coca Cola in this case. Do not accept any settlement from a company without contacting Lauri J. Goldstein & Associates, PLLC; it is quite likely that a much larger settlement could be negotiated than what was initially offered to you.

Venice fought the case, claiming the Coca Cola employee crashed into her because he was distracted talking on a cell phone. Coca Cola was aware of additional information regarding the number of deaths and injuring due to using a cell phone while operating a vehicle, but chose to withhold this from their employees. The jury awarded Venice more than $21 million and Coca Cola adopted the "no cell phone use while operating company vehicles" policy.