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Eleven-Year-Old Awarded $7.2 Million for Defective Medical Device

Brenna Sadler, age 11, had a cochlear implant device manufactured by Advanced Bionics surgically implanted within her ear. A cochlear implant is a medical device designed to restore a sense of sound to those with hearing loss. The device ultimately leaked and caused a vast amount of pain and suffering.

A company or corporation that manufactures any product including a car, toy, medical device or other product has the responsibility to protect the safety of the purchaser from harm. Any manufactured product could have flaws or defects that were undetected before it was sold. The unsuspecting consumer then uses the product and when it fails, serious injuries or even fatalities can occur. In such cases, it is strongly advised that you enlist the assistance of a Martin or St. Lucie County attorney from Lauri J. Goldstein & Associates, PLLC, without delay. The attorneys are personal injury lawyers and are dedicated to fighting for maximum compensation in your product liability case. You need an experienced, qualified and proven attorney in any product liability case.

The lawsuit filed against Advanced Bionics alleged they failed to test their medical device "under actual or stimulated use conditions" to evaluate the reliability of the device before it was sold to the public. The company also made an unlawful switch in an important component known as a feedthru without notice to the FDA. The jury found Advanced Bionics guilty of reckless indifference and negligence to manufacture and design a proper medical device. Brenna was awarded $7.2 million for pain, suffering and medical bills.