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Martin County Personal Injury Lawyer Discusses Hip Implant Recalls

Each year, a large number of Americans undergo hip implant surgery nationwide. In Florida alone, more than 29,000 people had the surgery in 2011. The sad news is that many of those people are now experiencing substantial health problems directly related to their implants.

There are several different types of hip implants that are currently on the market. The type used will determine which health problems, if any, may occur. With that said, two of the implant types that are frequently associated with health problems are metal-on-metal and metal-on-plastic.

The problem with the hip implants is that over time, the materials used in their construction begin to break down and release harmful particulates into the recipients' bodies. People with metal-on-metal implants may end up with metallosis. Those with metal-on-plastic implants, on the other hand, may develop osteolysis. Both conditions can cause the person to experience chronic pain, swelling and bone loss. Metallosis can also lead to a list of other problems that may include:

  • Impaired renal and liver function
  • Peripheral neuropathy
  • Cardiomyopathy
  • Hypothyroidism
  • Convulsions

Unfortunately, those particulates are only part of the issue. After extensive wear, the implants could also fail completely. If they do, the person could end up with additional musculoskeletal problems (i.e. fractures). As a result of all of those issues, many of the hip implant manufacturers have recalled or stopped making certain ones. Some of the companies that have been connected to the defective medical device are Depuy Orthopaedics, Biomet, Stryker Corporation, Wright Medical Technology and Zimmer Holdings.

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