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Motorcycle Accident Safety Tips

Riding a motorcycle is more fuel-efficient and less expensive than traveling the same route by car. However, your risk of a fatal crash is 35 times higher in the two-wheeler, according to the U.S. National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. As your Stuart, FL, motorcycle accident attorney, we want you to avoid being part of this unfortunate statistic by practicing a few safety tips.

Ride sober. Alcohol impairs your coordination, balance, and judgment, all of which you need to ride the good ride. Your body can process about one alcoholic beverage an hour. If you’re drinking more than that, ride home with a friend, or use a taxi or Safe Ride program to get home. If you’re sober and one of your motorcycle buddies isn’t, hide his keys and offer to take him home.

Wear a helmet. Florida does not legally require you to wear one but it may be all that protects your brains from spilling out during a crash. Look for a DOT symbol, which shows that the helmet meets the safety standards established by the U.S. Department of Transportation. Among other things, it must have a thick polystyrene-foam lining and sturdy chinstraps. Other clothing that can protect you in an accident includes a leather jacket, leather gloves and ankle-high boots.

Check your bike before the first ride after it has been in storage for the winter. Test all controls including the brakes, turn signals, and lights. Make sure the oil is at the correct level, and lube and adjust the chain. Position the mirrors so they offer you the best rear views.

If, after following all this advice, you still get into an accident, contact us right away. We can make sure that you’re well-taken care of, if you’re hurt.