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Suffering from Whiplash?

Whiplash occurs whenever an individual’s head is thrust backward and then forward very quickly, as is often the case with rear end collisions. Generally speaking, the harder you are hit, the more likely you are to develop this condition. Women tend to be affected by it more often than men do, and children and the elderly are also more likely to develop symptoms. Many patients will need to see a Martin County personal injury attorney in order to be fully compensated for their injuries.

You may start noticing signs of whiplash only a few hours after the accident, or it could take as long as a week for symptoms to develop. One of the first signs is usually pain in the neck, shoulders or upper back. You could also experience stiffness and tingling in the arms and shoulders accompanied by a headache, dizziness and ringing in the ears.

Severe cases of whiplash are classified as “whiplash associated disorder.” Some of the signs that are common with this condition are depression, sleep disturbances, anxiety attacks, anger and post-traumatic stress disorder.

Whiplash and whiplash associated disorder are normally diagnosed by taking x-rays of the neck, back and shoulders in order to spot injuries. When soft tissue injury is also present, an MRI may also be needed to determine the extent of the damage.

The treatment for whiplash can include being fitted with a cervical collar in order to stabilize the neck and prevent it from being injured any further. Pain medication and physical therapy are normally prescribed as well. Those who suffer from whiplash associated disorder may need mental health counseling to help them deal with the symptoms associated with it.

After being diagnosed with whiplash, many people are unable to return to work or perform strenuous activity for up to twelve weeks. During that time, they may incur several thousand dollars’ worth of medical bills while undergoing treatment. Unfortunately, insurance companies are not always willing to provide the benefits that are needed to cover these unexpected expenses. If you’ve found yourself in this predicament, contact us to see if relief is available under law.