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How to Avoid Road Rage

Road rage is unfortunately common among drivers and places them at greater risk of vehicular accidents and violent personal confrontations. One recent example from Orlando allegedly started with one vehicle cutting off another. The driver who was cut off responded by honking and gesturing. When both drivers found themselves in a nearby parking lot, a physical altercation ensued between the two.

What this incident illustrates is how quickly road rage can escalate, and how your first priority should be to tone it down and avoid letting anger carry you away. Although the evening fortunately didn't end in any fatalities, the incident might easily have led to death or serious injury, either on the road or once the vehicles were parked and both parties clashed.

How can you avoid road rage?

  • Prepare some methods of quick de-stressing, such as counting to ten or breathing calmly, to diffuse your own anger.
  • Don't interact angrily with other drivers, which includes yelling at them, excessively honking, making rude gestures, or attempting more dangerous actions, such as attempting to drive them off the road or frighten them. Even if you are provoked, don't respond in kind.
  • Keep your doors and windows locked and shut.
  • Contact the police as soon as you can safely do so, if you feel a genuine threat from another driver or if you see them driving in a dangerous way.
  • Try to avoid the other driver entirely. Sometimes you'll have room to change lanes or otherwise get out of the way of an irate driver.
  • If there is an accident, your first priority should be to get help for anyone injured, not violently retaliate.

If you're ever involved in a road rage incident and have been injured in a resulting vehicular accident or violent altercation, be sure to contact a reputable Martin County personal injury lawyer. Sometimes, even when you do your best, you can't avoid a situation with road rage, and you shouldn't have to struggle with the stress and financial costs of an injury on your own in the aftermath.