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Blog Posts in March, 2013

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  • $47.5M Awarded in Motorcycle Accident
    $47.5M Awarded in Motorcycle Accident

    Two teenagers were driving a pickup truck in the wrong direction when they hit a man on his motorcycle head-on. The victim suffered several life threatening injuries including broken arms, collarbone, ...

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  • Slip and Fall Victim Awarded $200,000
    Slip and Fall Victim Awarded $200,000

    A woman slipped and fell due to liquid on the floor near one of the cash registers at a her local Publix supermarket. She acquired over $70,000 in medical bills due to undergoing a percutaneous ...

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  • $2 Million Settlement for Family of DUI Victim
    $2 Million Settlement for Family of DUI Victim

    A 51 year-old man, Brook, was driving along a toll road in lane two while another man was driving in lane one exceeding 100 mph. The man in lane one lost control of his vehicle while traveling ...

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  • $4.4M Verdict in Mesothelioma Case
    $4.4M Verdict in Mesothelioma Case

    A career automotive mechanic for a Sheriff's office was exposed brake pads and shoes containing asbestos that were sold by the Ford Motor Company. The same mechanic was also exposed to asbestos ...

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