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Injury Attorney in Stuart, FL Discusses Serious Boating Accident

Recently during Columbus Day weekend, a 45-foot catamaran hired to serve as a party boat capsized in Biscayne Bay. 30 people and a dog found themselves in the water. Luckily, there don't seem to have been any major injuries, as rescue workers and boaters from nearby vessels responded quickly to get people out of the water. But this isn't the first time such an incident has occurred, in the past boaters have suffered fatalities and serious injuries.

As the investigation into the current accident unfolds, some details have been emerging that could point to the underlying causes. The captain of the boat may not have been licensed, and the vessel appears to have been built with substandard construction.

Not all accidents are a result of someone's negligence, but in some cases, a deadly or otherwise harmful accident on the water could have been prevented. In the aftermath of such an accident it's important to consult an expert injury attorney to go over the details, including the following:

  • Who owned the boat, who hired it out, and who was serving as captain?
  • Was the captain licensed?
  • Was the captain or anyone else operating the boat inebriated or fatigued? At the time of the accident, were they doing anything irresponsible such as speeding?
  • Did the vessel meet at least minimal safety standards? Was it constructed sturdily? Were there life vests, flotation devices, and other safety equipment on board?
  • Were there too many people on board at the time?

Why discuss these issues with an attorney? In the aftermath of a boating accident, you could be left with huge medical bills and damaged property. Any injuries you experiences may result in a loss of wages and the need to make modifications to your home and lifestyle - for instance, if you've experienced paralysis. If you're facing these realities, don't hesitate to contact us. Boating operators need to be held accountable for the safety of their passengers, and you need all the assistance you can get to obtain fair compensation from insurance companies and from anyone who is responsible for the accident.