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Need Help with a Wrongful Death Claim?

According to WPTV, an arrest was recently made in the case of a hit-and-run accident that occurred in June in West Palm Beach. Police say that a man was riding his bicycle along a roadway when he was struck and killed by the driver of a Dodge Magnum. Witnesses reported that the driver stopped and looked to see what he'd hit before driving away. He later stopped at a McDonald's parking lot, where he discovered the victim's bicycle stuck to his car. He removed the bicycle and threw it into the bushes.

DNA on the driver's car and person linked him to the victim, the report stated. There was never an attempt by the driver to report the accident to police.

When there is an accident, police will investigate to see if any laws are broken. If so, then an arrest will be made and the case will make its way through the criminal courts. However, criminal penalties don't necessarily address the damages faced by the victim's family in cases where there is a wrongful death due to someone else's negligence.

A Stuart car accident lawyer from Lauri J. Goldstein & Associates, PLLC understands that no amount of money will make up for the loss of a loved one. However, if you are the spouse, child or parent of a fatal accident victim, you may find yourself faced with unexpected expenses, including medical expenses that were incurred before death, burial expenses, loss of companionship, loss of financial support and pain and suffering. You don't have to face these burdens alone and you may be entitled to compensation. For more information, contact us.