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Finding the Best Motorcycle Accident Lawyer for your Case

Motorcycle accidents can often be tragic and debilitating for the cyclist. This is especially in true in cases where injuries are severe and may interfere with current and future work prospects. By learning how to find the best Stuart, FL motorcycle accident lawyer for your case, solving such issues should be achievable.

Addressing Medical Bills

The immediate expense after a typical motorcycle accident is medical bills. If you and the other party both have insurance, the insurance companies will typically cover the costs if they determine the other party was at fault for the cause of the accident. If the insurance does not cover the full extent of the medical costs, it is often necessary to obtain compensation for these bills as part of the lawsuit.

Collecting Compensation for Lost Wages

Analyze your ability to work after the accident. The money lost due to recovery from your injury as well as any deductions in wages as a result of having to take a lower paying job must be accounted for. According to LawyerLocator, "If you miss work as a result of your injuries, you can file a lawsuit to seek compensation for the wages you lost during that timeframe. In addition, if you are disabled as a result of your injury, you and your motorcycle accident lawyer can attempt to collect additional compensation for lost wages."

A Stuart, FL Motorcycle Accident Lawyer Can Negotiate with Insurance Companies

Insurance companies may often not be willing to provide the compensation you deserve after a motorcycle accident. In such instances, hiring an accident lawyer can greatly increase your chances of receiving increased compensation from insurance companies as well as the opposing party. Take the time to contact us at Lauri J. Goldstein & Associates, PLLC if you have any questions about finding the best Stuart, FL motorcycle accident lawyer for your case.