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How Car Accidents Can Cause Devastation Off the Road

Car accidents aren't always confined to the road. There are a number of accidents that involve a vehicle going off the road and crashing into an object of some kind, whether a tree, a guardrail, or even a building with other people in it.

In 2010, data collected in Florida on fatal car accidents showed that of 2,262 fatal collisions, 550 involved collision with a 'fixed object.' These are classified as any structure that's stationery, and can also include natural objects such as trees or other substantive masses of vegetation.

In addition to posing a hazard to drivers and passengers, accidents that wind up unfolding off the road can also endanger anyone else in the area. One recent tragic example involved a vehicle that crashed into another vehicle, which in turn slammed into the walls of a day care center in the Orlando area. At least one child died, and a number of others sustained injuries; one adult on the premises was also taken to the hospital.

The potential devastation that can be caused by a motor vehicle definitely isn't confined to the roads. In many cases, these accidents come about from driver error or irresponsible behavior. A driver could lose control of a vehicle while speeding, operating the vehicle while fatigued or driving while intoxicated. Other times, a car is knocked off the road by other vehicles. Poor weather conditions and road hazards can also contribute to such crashes. Furthermore, it's possible that a defect in the vehicle ultimately led to the driver's loss of control and the resulting crash.

Sorting through the aftermath of such an accident can be painful and messy. If you're involved in such an accident, whether as a driver or passenger in a vehicle or as someone off the road who was swept into it, you'll need to deal with insurance companies, cope with medical bills and the costs of damaged property, and assess liability. Don't hesitate to contact an experienced injury attorney in Martin County for advocacy and support during this difficult time.