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Importance of Teaching Children Bicycle Safety

Bicycle accidents send hundreds of thousands of people to the emergency room every year. In Florida alone, in 2011, 120 bicyclists died and 4,632 were injured in traffic accidents.

Data reported by the CDC shows that, among all age groups, children, teenagers and young adults have the highest rate of nonfatal bicycle injuries.

Bike accidents can occur for many reasons. Sometimes there's a mechanical problem with the bike itself, a substandard component or shoddy construction; the bike may also be poorly maintained. Other times, the bicyclist might be reckless or they may encounter a reckless driver. Poor weather and challenging terrain can also contribute to accidents.

As they start learning to ride their bikes, children need supervision and need to be taught early on to use the proper safety gear, especially well-fitted, high-quality helmets. Helmets that fit properly and meet the standards of the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) and Snell Memorial Foundation significantly reduce the risk posed by head injuries.

Children also need to learn about road rules, including where it's safe to bike. They should also be taught to avoid unsafe ways of biking (e.g. piling two people on the bike), and what to wear to be more visible on the road. This way, from an early age, they begin to develop safe habits that they can stick with throughout their life.

Speaking to an experienced injury attorney in Stuart, FL after an accident can help you receive the compensation you need from insurance companies and from any parties responsible in whole or part for the accident. Don't hesitate to contact us after a crash. But hopefully, taking the right preventative measures will lower the chances of an accident to begin with.