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Common Deadly Accident for Motorcyclists: Left Turn Collisions

The Florida Institute of Technology lost one of its students recently in a motorcycle accident. According to news reports, the student had been traveling south on a road by motorcycle, when a northbound passenger vehicle driver attempted a left turn and collided with him. The car's driver wasn't injured, but the student passed away.

The dangers of left turn collisions

These kinds of crashes - where a motorcyclist is driving straight while another vehicle makes a left turn - are a common deadly type of accident for motorcyclists. According to 2011 data reported by the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration, of the 1,998 fatal crashes involving a motorcycle and another vehicle, 38% occurred when the other vehicle driver made a left turn as the motorcyclist either drove straight, or moved to pass or overtake other vehicles.

Who is at fault?

Generally, for left turn collisions, the driver making the left turn is the one held responsible.

Before making a left turn, drivers need to carefully check for oncoming traffic, along with making sure they're obeying traffic laws more generally. Sometimes, the problem with drivers is that they overlook an approaching motorcyclist. They might be distracted or otherwise behaving negligently.

There are only some situations where a driver making a left turn might not be held responsible for a crash. For example, if the left-turn driver was behaving carefully and legally, and the motorcyclist going straight blew threw a red light, then it would be less likely for the left-turn driver to be assigned responsibility for the accident.

Help for motorcyclists

For motorcyclists involved in such accidents, the outcome can be deadly or severely debilitating, with injuries leading to paralysis, the need for multiple surgeries, extended hospital stays, and lifelong disabilities or impairments. The road to recovery can be long and difficult, with full recovery sometimes possible, while other times problems persist.

Don't hesitate to contact an experienced Stuart, FL motorcycle accident attorney to discuss your case and your options for obtaining enough compensation for your care. You should not have to struggle alone with the trauma in the aftermath of such an accident.