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Martin County Personal Injury Attorney Is on Hand to Help Pedestrians

Pedestrians are the most unprotected road users. They're sharing the streets with heavy vehicles that can cause serious damage even at lower speeds.

A recent example highlighting the vulnerability of pedestrians comes from a collision involving a University of Florida student. She was hit by a car while using the crosswalk on a busy road. Her critical injuries necessitated hospitalization.

Her accident increased the worries of other students and residents in the area who need to deal with this busy stretch of road on a regular basis. Drivers often don't slow down or pay attention, and pedestrians find themselves needing to run across, all the while worrying that they'll get hit.

Recourse for pedestrians

Pedestrians involved in vehicular collisions often have many expenses to deal with, including extended hospital stays, surgeries and other expensive treatments, repeated visits to the doctor for follow-up care, and rehabilitation.

Furthermore, with certain kinds of injuries they may suffer lifelong disabilities that require major changes in their lifestyle and the use of wheelchairs, prostheses, or other expensive medical equipment.

Additional expenses include loss of wages or permanent job loss, further jeopardizing the pedestrian's financial security and making it more difficult for them to focus on healing or adjusting to their new life.

When you enlist the services of a Martin County personal injury attorney, your attorney will be able to help you explore different avenues of compensation to help you deal with expenses in the aftermath of the accident. These possibilities include the driver's insurance and your medical insurance; they may also include a civil suit.

By contacting us, you can receive legal advice and the services of a legal advocate who helps you figure out what steps you can take so that you aren't overburdened with the costs of a collision.