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Beware of Staged Car Crashes

People often assume that any car crash they get into on the road is a legitimate accident, sometimes caused by another person's negligence but certainly not anything that's premeditated. Unfortunately, there are people who try to make money off of unsuspecting drivers by staging car accidents.

They do this in order to obtain various forms of compensation, whether hard cash or insurance settlements, or to refer you to shady services in the aftermath. Often, scam artists will work together to stage a crash and try to trick you afterwards.

The following are some signs of a staged accident that you should watch out for:

  1. Common crash patterns. Scam artists use different tactics to get you into a crash. For instance, a driver can give you a signal indicating that they'll let you pass through an intersection, then crash into your car and later claim they never made that signal. In another tactic, the car in front of you can suddenly stop, increasing the chances that you'll rear-end it.
  2. Crooked professionals. Right after the accident, you could be accosted by people offering various services, from legal consultations to tow-truck services to medical check-ups. These accomplices may be hanging around close to the scene, and converge on you almost immediately in the aftermath.
  3. Fake witnesses and passengers. In the aftermath of the accident, you may find yourself dealing with people claiming to be witnesses or passengers who give false reports about what happened or claim they were in the other vehicle when they weren't.

If you think you were trapped in a staged accident, remain on your guard and contact a reputable Martin County personal injury lawyer. An expert attorney will be able to review the situation with you in great detail, spot warning signs of a staged accident, and advise you on what to do. If you've been injured during this accident or suffered damage to your car, it's imperative that you get the compensation you need from insurance companies and from the parties responsible, who could also face separate criminal charges if caught.