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How Much is an Auto Accident Settlement Worth?

If you or a loved one has been injured in a motor vehicle accident, you may be entitled to compensation. Because Florida is considered a "no fault" state, a portion of your expenses will be paid for by an initial insurance claim. Unfortunately, in many cases this does not cover the full spectrum of expenses incurred from motor vehicle accidents.

Because of the complexity of motor vehicle accident settlement calculation, it is important to seek the expert guidance of an attorney who concentrates specifically in person injury lawsuits. If you have been injured it is advised you contact Stuart, FL car accident attorney as soon as you are able.

Determining Settlement Amounts

The amount you are entitled to after a motor vehicle accident depends on a few key factors. Medical bills, wage loss, damage to property, as well as emotional and physical suffering should all be taken into consideration when filing a claim or lawsuit.

Medical Expenses

No matter how minor your accident, always seek medical attention as soon as possible. Initial shock of an accident sometimes masks injury. Waiting to seek medical attention can seriously hinder your case. In addition, injuries thought to be minor can turn serious over time such as back injuries, spinal injuries, and head injuries.

Calculating your initial settlement amount must include all expenses you incurred due to your injuries. Doctor expenses, surgery costs, medical transport from the scene, physical therapy, medications and devices such as crutches or wheelchairs must be added to your settlement amount. Future surgeries and treatment costs must be calculated and added in addition to your claim to ensure your total expenses are covered. Be aware that insurance companies take into account the severity of your injuries when calculating what they feel is a fair settlement amount.

Property Damage

Damage to your vehicle including any items therein should also be added to your settlement amount. During motor vehicle accidents, small dents can turn into huge repair costs. In some cases what would sometimes be considered minor damage may end up costing more to repair than your car is worth. When this occurs, you may be entitled to the whole dollar amount your vehicle is worth.

Pain & Suffering

Motor vehicle accidents can be devastating to the psyche, causing anxiety and fear. Both minor and severe injuries can inhibit you from working or handling your daily duties thus causing depression. Your attorney can help you determine to what degree the accident has affected you emotionally. This emotional loss should be added in addition to other expenses incurred in the accident.

Additional Charges

Court fees and lawyer fees can be claimed and included in your settlement amount. Depending on the accident and percentage of fault determined by the court, you may be entitled to court and lawyer fees. In addition, you may be entitled to insurance premium increase due to the claim filed as a result of the accident.

For more information on how much your accident settlement may be worth, contact the Law Firm of Schmitt, Cambron, & Reynolds, P.L. Their team of experts will help you determine your settlement amount and fight vigilantly to aid you in securing compensation after a motor vehicle accident.