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Shocking Car Bicycle-Accident In Ft. Lauderdale

A Florida man has been charged after allegedly striking a bicyclist with his vehicle and then driving for nearly two miles with that cyclist wedged between his rearview window and his spoiler.

According to CBS News, the 27-year-old Fort Lauderdale man was driving on the 5200 block of Northeast 18th Avenue around 6:30 a.m. when he struck the cyclist from behind.

The man then drove to his residence, apparently knowing that the cyclist was trapped in his car, and then took a nap. Several hours later, he drove to Pompano Beach and disposed of the cyclist in a Dumpster before taking his car to a body shop for repairs.

It appears that the man thought the cyclist was dead. Luckily, he was mistaken -- the cyclist was discovered by a landscaping crew and was taken to a nearby hospital and was treated for a broken spine and other ailments.

The man has been charged with attempted voluntary manslaughter, tampering with evidence and leaving the scene of an accident with injuries. The man could not be given a DUI test because too much time had passed between the incident and when he was arrested.

The assistant state attorney who is prosecuting the case called the allegations "disturbing."

Hopefully, nothing this awful will ever happen to you. Even so, it may be a good idea to have a personal injury attorney among your contacts, just so that you are prepared in case something bad does happen. If you are interested in speaking with a Stuart, FL car accident lawyer, please know that I am available and you can contact me when it is convenient for you.