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  • Recent Horrific Boating Accident
    Recent Horrific Boating Accident

    On the Fourth of July, most people in the US look forward to a day of fun, relaxation and celebration. Disastrous accidents aren't usually on their minds, and in many cases their day will go by with ...

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  • Injured on Vacation?
    Injured on Vacation?

    When people go on vacation, they usually don't want to think about the fact that their fun and relaxing time could be cut short by an injury. Hopefully, you'll be able to vacation without any major ...

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  • 770 Crashes a Day: Florida Crash Statistics
    770 Crashes a Day: Florida Crash Statistics

    According to Florida traffic crash statistics , in 2012 -- the most recent year for which data has been provided -- the state saw 281,340 traffic crashes, involving 468,470 drivers. It equaled out to ...

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  • Car Accidents Involving Pedestrians
    Car Accidents Involving Pedestrians

    When we think of the words 'car accident' we think two or more vehicles involved in a collision. A large majority of accidents involve vehicles, but on occasion, a car accident can involve a vehicle ...

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  • The Dangers of Roll-Over Crashes
    The Dangers of Roll-Over Crashes

    In the course of a car accident, a vehicle can roll or flip over. This greatly endangers people both in the vehicle and outside of it. The vehicle may skid into the path of oncoming traffic or leave ...

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