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770 Crashes a Day: Florida Crash Statistics

According to Florida traffic crash statistics, in 2012 -- the most recent year for which data has been provided -- the state saw 281,340 traffic crashes, involving 468,470 drivers. It equaled out to approximately 770 crashes a day, every day, on the streets of Florida.

Of those crashes, 130,902 resulted in injuries to 198,032 individuals and the deaths of 2,430. 8,258 accidents that year involved pedestrians -- with injuries to 7,413. 473 pedestrians were killed. 6,425 bicyclists were involved in traffic crashes in Florida in 2012, resulting in 6,058 injured riders and 116 riders killed. Motorcycle crashes made up 9,384 of the state's 2012 crashes. There were 7,809 motorcyclists injured, along with 839 motorcycle passengers. 425 motorcyclists were killed, as well as 32 motorcycle passengers.

On the streets of Florida in 2012, there were 34,341 crashes involving teen drivers. This resulted in 8,967 injured teen drivers. 7,049 passengers in cars wrecked by teens were injured. 77 teen drivers died in crashes that year, along with 48 of their passengers.

Alcohol was related or suspected in 17,258 Florida crashes in 2012, 805 of which resulted in fatalities. There were 1,798 crashes in which drugs were related or suspected. Of those, 200 crashes involved fatalities.

Of crashes involving injuries to the driver, males and females had similar injury rates, with 63,330 and 63,510 respectively. However, male drivers were much more likely to die in a traffic accident -- 1,078 to 321. The highest number of accidents involved drivers who were 25-34 years old. This was also the age group of drivers most often involved in motorcycle crashes.

The initial action of drivers operating a motor vehicle in a careless or negligent manner made up the highest percentage of crashes in Florida in 2012, resulting in 37.46 percent of injury accidents and 27.25 percent of fatal accidents. Nearly three quarters of the time, accidents occurred when the weather was clear, and the roads were dry during a vast majority of the accidents.

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