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Recent Horrific Boating Accident

On the Fourth of July, most people in the US look forward to a day of fun, relaxation and celebration. Disastrous accidents aren't usually on their minds, and in many cases their day will go by with no serious mishaps. But as seen with a recent Florida boating accident that took place on the Fourth of July, sometimes festive occasions become tragic events.

The crash involved three boats; it claimed the lives of four people and injured several others. Apparently what happened was that one boat T-boned another; the second boat kept moving forward and collided with a third one. So far, investigators found alcohol on the boat that initiated the collisions, but the investigation continues; more details still need to be uncovered, including whether the boat operators themselves were intoxicated.

Many times, boating accidents do result from speeding and drug or alcohol intoxication. Although boats are powerful vehicles and are also regulated by various laws, people sometimes slip into a more relaxed mindset even when they're operating a boat. Perhaps it's the atmosphere of recreation. Whatever the case may be, it's always important to keep boat safety in mind.

When boating, refrain from speeding. Make sure that everyone on board is wearing a life vest approved by the US Coast Guard. Life vests are one of the most reliable ways to prevent death on the water; even if you know how to swim, you need one, as it could keep you afloat if you're stranded for hours in the water or are unconscious or injured. Make sure that your kids are wearing them as well.

Be sure to abide by all boating regulations. If you're hiring someone to operate the boat for you, try to look into their background to see if they're trustworthy. Of course, if you're operating a boat, refrain from drinking or using drugs.

In the aftermath of an accident, contact an experienced injury lawyer in Martin County. Your attorney will be able to give you advice on how to proceed after the accident and also fight on your behalf when you deal with insurance companies and with any parties responsible for what happened. However, by adopting basic safety precautions, you'll hopefully reduce your chances of experiencing a situation where you need to call on an attorney.