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Three Lesser Known Swimming Pool Dangers

To be able to truly enjoy your swimming pool this summer, you need to expand your knowledge of pool safety and have an awareness of a pool's potential dangers.

In addition to the risk of immediate drowning posed by swimming pools (particularly for very young children), or the risk of serious non-fatal injuries caused by lengthy submersion, here are a few other dangers to keep an eye out for:

Electrified pools- In an older pool that isn't maintained well, one of the potential risks may be an electric charge. One recent example occurred in a public pool here in Florida, where the pool pumps were apparently not grounded. Additional risks in pools that don't meet safety codes are drains that could trap people underwater.

"Dry" drowning- After taking in some water while being submerged, an individual may cough and splutter but otherwise seem fine, at least initially. You may think they had a close call under the water but were saved and are now fine. And yet, some individuals experience pulmonary edema as a result of the water they inhaled; fluid begins to build up in their lungs, even when they're on dry land. Keep an eye out for the symptoms, which include difficulty breathing, pain in the chest, and heavy fatigue. If this is left untreated, it can result in death. Obtain emergency intervention ASAP.

Improper uses of pool chemicals- Thousands of people every year require emergency medical care as a result of pool chemical toxicity. Be sure you're handling pool chemicals safely, in strict accordance with the instructions on each container. Also, regularly check to see if the balance of chemicals in the swimming pool is normal.

If you do experience an accident in or around a swimming pool, don't hesitate to contact an experienced personal injury lawyer in Martin County. Your lawyer can help you deal with insurance companies and also advise you on what to do if someone's negligence contributed to the accident.