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How to Cope after a Boating Accident

Boating is a popular activity in Florida, and for many people, the time spent on the water is fun and free of serious harm. However, boating accidents of all kinds occur by the hundreds every year. People fall off of boats, and may not always wear life vests. There may be collisions and mechanical failures. Boat operators may behave with carelessness or negligence, endangering themselves and their passengers.

According to information presented by the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission, carelessness and mechanical problems are among the main causes of accidents, and many boat operators involved in accidents on the water aren't formally trained in using a boat. The relaxed, recreational attitude with which many people take to the water increases the chances of carelessness and poor judgment when it comes to safely using boats. Adding alcohol to the mix certainly doesn't help.

One recent example of a horrific accident, that appears to have elements of poor judgment, occurred when a 40-ft. vessel ran aground on a sandbar. Several people apparently got out of the boat to try to push it off the sandbar. As they all pushed, the engines were allegedly in high throttle. Tragically, one young man was caught by a propeller and soon died.

Many questions have come up after this accident. Did the boat operator encourage people to get out of the boat and push, rather than take the safer alternative of calling for sea tow? Knowing that people were pushing on the boat, did he put the engines in full throttle, exposing them to the deadly propellers? At the time the boat ran aground on the sandbar, there was a full party in swing with alcohol served; what role did alcohol play in the accident?

Death and injuries can easily result from a boating accident. It's important to contact an experienced injury lawyer in Stuart, FL to review what happened and obtain assistance not only in dealing with insurance companies but also with anyone responsible for the crash.