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Injury Attorney In Martin County Notes Dump Truck Accident

Injury Attorney In Martin County Notes Dump Truck Accident

A preliminary investigation suggests that a separated tire may have been the cause of a dump truck accident on State Road 408 in Orange County on Wednesday, October 29. The truck apparently blew a tire at approximately 10 a.m. and subsequently slid into a wall before hitting a support column at the Pine Hills Toll Plaza. The 49-year-old truck driver was pronounced dead at the scene.

Driver Tried to Avoid Others

A witness that was in a vehicle in oncoming traffic at the time told WFTV that she saw a dump truck swerving back-and-forth until it flipped over. A spokesman for the Florida Highway Patrol suggested that it appeared that the driver was trying to get out of the way of traffic in order to avoid hitting other cars.

Contents Spilled Across the Road

Since the truck was loaded at the time, its contents spilled out across the lanes of traffic. The subsequent cleanup required the closure of S.R. 408 for a number of hours. FHP investigators said that the type of tire will be researched to determine if there was an outstanding recall on the particular brand of tire that allegedly separated in the incident.

Tire Failure and Potential Liability

While the investigation into this truck accident is in its early stages, tire failures can raise a variety of legal questions. When a tire failure leads to an accident with injury or loss of life, legal liability questions may arise. For example, a tire manufacturer may potentially be held liable, or a trucking firm that did not promptly act on a tire recall could be held liable.

When an act of negligence can be reasonably claimed in fatal truck wrecks, compensation may be sought on behalf of the survivors of the deceased. Compensatory damages may be pursued for burial expenses, pain and suffering, loss of companionship and other possible losses. To discuss an accident that you or a loved one may have been involved in with an injury attorney in Martin County, please contact us.