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Halloween Driving Safety Tips

Halloween is coming up, promising an afternoon, evening, and night with more than the usual number of pedestrians. As a driver on Halloween, you need to be extra cautious as you navigate the roads.

The following are five Halloween driving safety tips from a Stuart, FL personal injury attorney:

  • Masks off: Don't wear masks or other restrictive costume items when driving, as these could limit your range of movement and interfere with your ability to see what's on the road.
  • Headlights on: Try to use your headlights even earlier in the day than usual to make sure you can spot people on the road, including small children and people wearing dark costumes. Although it's advisable for pedestrians to use reflectors and flashlights, they won't always do so.
  • Take care when exiting or entering driveways: Drivers who are cautious at an intersection or other areas of public roads might take less care when entering or exiting a driveway. Keep in mind that with kids trick-or-treating from one house to another and people attending parties, there might be more activity on and around your driveway.
  • Slow down: Although ideally pedestrians will be visible and use designated crosswalks when possible (or sidewalks, when those are available), this won't always be the case. Drive more slowly and keep a lookout for people on the road, especially on streets with many curves or with poor lighting and no sidewalks. Also be mindful of the possibility that a pedestrian, especially a child or teenager, could try to cross the road from between parked cars or other hidden spots along the road.
  • Do away with distractions: While it's never a good idea to be texting while driving, take extra care on Halloween and put away your mobile devices. Keep your eyes on the road and, when possible, make eye contact with pedestrians when they're crossing the street to assure them that you see them. Don't drive if you've been drinking at a party. Make sure your passengers aren't behaving in a distracting way. (Maybe the extra caution you take on Halloween will spill over to other days of the year...)

If you experience an accident on Halloween, whether as a vehicle occupant or as a pedestrian, don't hesitate to contact us. However, by taking sensible precautions, you'll hopefully increase your chances of an accident-free Halloween.