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Why Motorcyclists Can Lose Control of Their Bikes

Motorcycle accidents are unfortunately a common occurrence on the road. The website for Ride Smart Florida has posted data showing that in 2011 there were 8,542 crashes and 7,256 injuries involving motorcycles in Florida; there were also 209 fatalities.

One recent example of the potentially terrible effects of a motorcycle accident came about when a motorcyclist lost control of his bike along a curve on the road. He wound up getting ejected from the vehicle and hospitalized in critical condition.

Why do motorcyclists sometimes lose control of their vehicles? The following are a few key reasons:

  • Motorcyclist behavior: Motorcyclists may speed or engage in other unsafe or unlawful behaviors that increase the chances that they'll lose control of their vehicles. Sometimes, the way they travel in groups might also increase the likelihood of an accident; for instance, if two motorcycles are unsafely sharing one lane, and one of the motorcyclists needs to suddenly swerve, one or more of the vehicles may go out of control.
  • The way other drivers behave: Motorcyclists may lose control of their vehicle if they have an encounter with another vehicle that's being driven unsafely. For example, a motorcyclist might have to swerve out of the way of a car that changed without signaling or made an illegal turn.
  • Road conditions: Slippery roads, slick with rainfall, or problems with the pavement might also contribute to a bike going out of control.

Don't hesitate to contact an experienced motorcycle accident attorney if you're involved in a crash. Your attorney will help you figure out what happened, who's responsible, and to what extent they're responsible. After a motorcycle accident, you may be dealing with enormous medical bills and property repair damages. Your attorney can help you cope and heal by fighting for you to receive sufficient coverage and compensation.