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Drivers Should Be Extra Careful Around School Buses

Recently in North Fort Myers, a man died in a three-vehicle accident involving a school bus; apparently one of the vehicles rear-ended the bus. According to local news reports, eight high school students and the bus driver sustained minor injuries.

School buses are the safest way for kids to travel to and from school; students are more likely to sustain fatal injuries while traveling in a passenger vehicle or driving one when they're teens.

But that doesn't mean that we should become complacent about school bus safety. Also, keep in mind that school bus accidents can be injurious or fatal to occupants of other vehicles involved, particularly passenger vehicles.

Being extra careful around school buses

Be sure to take extra care when driving in the vicinity of school buses.

One of the dangers posed to children is when they're crossing the street at a school bus stop. Drivers may impatiently (and illegally) try to drive around a stopped bus, only to hit a child pedestrian. Whenever the stop-arm of a bus is out, you have to stop as well. Even if you're in the opposite lane, you need to come to a stop, unless you're on a divided highway and on the other side of a physical divider or at least five feet of unpaved space.

Take extra care not to speed in the vicinity of school buses. Anticipate stopping; this will reduce the chances of suddenly rear-ending the bus, which could result in injuries for you, your passengers, and the students and bus driver.

If you've experienced a school bus accident, be sure to contact an experienced injury lawyer in Martin County. In the aftermath of any such accident, it's important to investigate what happened. Sometimes the bus driver is more at fault; other times, passenger vehicle drivers caused the crash. Whatever the case may be, you need legal representation to help you with insurance companies and with any litigation you may be involved with.