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The Distraction of Moving Objects in Your Vehicle

When you're driving, what's in your vehicle?

Sometimes, drivers face an unpleasant surprise when they find out their vehicle contains something they didn't expect.

For example, in Jacksonville, a truck driver recently lost control of his vehicle after he alleges a wasp flew into it. His truck hit the back of a city bus and then smashed into a seafood store. Thankfully, there were only a few minor injuries as a result and not a worst outcome.

Serious driver distractions

Insects such as bees and wasps may easily prove distracting to drivers. (Of course, after any accident in which drivers claim that an insect distracted them, it's important to investigate if this was actually the case and not just an excuse.)

Along with insects, any other moving object (or moving living creature) can pose a distraction to drivers. A cup that you were using and that's unsecured may roll under your feet, distracting you and perhaps impeding your ability to use the pedal and brakes; if it contains a hot liquid, this could spill on your lap and contribute to distracted or out-of-control driving.

A map or mobile device that you've left on the dashboard may slide off, drawing away your attention from your driving and the road; same goes for a suitcase not properly secured in the cargo area or backseat that falls over or shifts around until your view is blocked.

Also, don't forget the potential dangers of an unrestrained pet wandering around the vehicle, distracting you and possibly getting in your way is your drive.

When you're driving, consider what's in your vehicle. And if anything outside of your control contribute to an accident, be sure to mention it to an injury lawyer in Stuart, FL when you discuss your case. Be sure to contact us after an accident; your lawyer will help you sort through what happened and fight on your behalf as you deal with insurance companies or get involved in a civil suit.