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Injury Claims and DUI Accidents

If you are a driver in Florida, you already know that driving under the influence (DUI) of drugs or alcohol is strictly illegal. And yet, thousands of motorists do this exact activity every year. Luckily, law enforcement officials are cracking down and doing more to put dangerous drunk drivers behind bars. When they do, a lengthy criminal trial may follow, ensuring that the criminal activity is punished accordingly. Right?

What the criminal process does not always address is the damage that the intoxicated motorist causes to innocent motorists around them. Serious injuries or total destruction of property can occur when a drunk driver loses control of their vehicle. Oftentimes, thousands of dollars are required for a complete recovery, and it does not always come out of the pockets of insurance companies and the accountable driver. With so much devastation laid right at their feet, why doesn’t the criminal justice system make them pay?

Justice in Civil Cases

The answer is right in the name: the criminal justice system is primarily concerned with criminal acts and punishments. The consequences are usually diverted to a civil case that the injured party has to create themselves. For this reason, if you have been injured in a DUI-related car accident, you need to be extra thorough and careful with your case.

Be sure that you:

  • Gather sufficient evidence at the time of the accident.
  • Never apologize or willingly accept any blame.
  • Follow through with any investigations.
  • Retain the services of an experienced personal injury lawyer.

At Lauri J. Goldstein & Associates, PLLC, our Stuart personal injury attorneys are always ready to take on the toughest cases for our clients. We understand that you deserve to be treated with respect, and that you should not have to dip into your own savings to pay for the damage caused by a drunk driver. When you retain our services, we will do everything in our power to win you the maximum settlement possible.

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