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Safety Tips for Highway Car Accidents

A simple fender bender on a city street can be much simpler to deal with than a collision on a speedy highway. In the state of Florida, highways can have speed limits up to 70 miles per hour, making conditions considerably more dangerous for those who need to exit their vehicles after a car accident. In addition to the normal procedure of staying at the scene, checking for injuries and exchanging information, involved drivers must exercise extreme caution and follow certain procedures to ensure their safety. The following tips can help you prepare for this type of scenario.

Look Before Stepping Out of Your Vehicle

Following a collision, it is easy for a person to begin to panic. As difficult as it may be, you must remain calm and stay in control of your situation. Situational awareness is vital following a highway accident, as passing cars can pose a severe danger to those who have been involved. If you get out of your car in a confused state without looking, you could potentially be struck by a rubbernecking driver.

Before exiting your vehicle, look both ways to ensure that you can safely step out. This may only be possible if you are in the right lane or you have been able to safely move your vehicle onto the shoulder. If you cannot move your vehicle and your car is not on fire, it is best to stay put, put your hazard lights on, and dial 911.

Make Your Presence Known

If you are able to exit your vehicle, it is important that you increase your visibility to help inform other drivers of your presence. If you have bright clothing, wear it. Many drivers have emergency kits in their trunks containing flares and reflective cones which can be useful in this type of situation. By helping other drivers see you, you can reduce your risk of being rear-ended by an oncoming vehicle, causing further injury.

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A vehicle collision can be distressing experiences, especially when the involved insurance companies try to pay you the bare minimum amount of compensation for your injuries. If you should ever be injured in a highway car accident, the Stuart car accident attorneys at Lauri J. Goldstein & Associates, PLLC are prepared to represent your interests and fight to maximize your chances of securing a fair settlement for your injuries.

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