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  • As a Motorcyclist, Did Other Drivers Give You the Right of Way?
    As a Motorcyclist, Did Other Drivers Give You the Right of Way?

    In a recent fatal motorcycle accident, a passenger vehicle driver apparently pulled out on to the U.S. 98, where a motorcyclist was traveling eastbound. According to local news reports , the ...

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  • Hit-and-run Involving Bicyclist
    Hit-and-run Involving Bicyclist

    Boynton Beach police were searching for an alleged hit-and-run motorist that struck a bicyclist on January 10, according to WFLA News. Car Allegedly Strikes Bicyclist The authorities state that the ...

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  • Crash Involving Transit Bus
    Crash Involving Transit Bus

    A rush hour accident in Pompano Beach involved a truck and a Broward County Transit bus, according to the Broward County sheriff's office. The collision occurred where Oasis Drive and West Atlantic ...

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  • Accidents Involving Vehicle Rollovers
    Accidents Involving Vehicle Rollovers

    When vehicles overturn in an accident, it's a frightening and potentially devastating situation for those involved. One recent example of vehicles overturning occurred in St. Lucie County, where a van ...

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