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Accidents Involving Vehicle Rollovers

When vehicles overturn in an accident, it's a frightening and potentially devastating situation for those involved.

One recent example of vehicles overturning occurred in St. Lucie County, where a van carrying members of an Atlanta church on a trip to Southern Florida got into an accident. Apparently, a tire in the vehicle blew out, and the vehicle wound up flipping over. 19 people suffered injuries, including three requiring intensive care.

A look at rollover accidents

Consumer Reports published an article on their site stating that while rollovers occur in roughly 3% of serious vehicular accidents, they lead to approximately 30% of passenger vehicle deaths.

As they discuss in the article, better designs for vehicles help reduce the rate of rollovers. Some vehicles - including vans - are more susceptible to rolling over than others.

There are also things that drivers and passengers can do to make themselves more safe. For example, when drivers take a curve at a high speed, they can increase the chance of their vehicle rolling over. And one of the main dangers for all vehicle occupants is the lack of seat belt use. Without a seat belt, you're significantly more likely to get thrown around and ejected from the vehicle; getting ejected can result in death, head trauma, spinal injuries, internal bleeding, and terrible fractures.

In the aftermath of an accident that involved vehicles overturning, an injury attorney in Martin County will be able to advise you on what steps to take in order to cope with the costs. You might get stuck with enormous medical bills, and your vehicle might have sustained serious damage. When you contact us, the legal advice and advocacy you receive will help you heal as much as you can and readjust to life after the accident.