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Crash Involving Transit Bus

A rush hour accident in Pompano Beach involved a truck and a Broward County Transit bus, according to the Broward County sheriff's office. The collision occurred where Oasis Drive and West Atlantic Boulevard intersect.

Accident Details

The accident happened on Thursday, January 22, during the evening rush hour. According to the authorities, the driver of the truck drove in front of the bus. Although paramedics treated a number of injured people at the scene, it was unknown whether anyone required transport to a hospital.

Traffic Backed Up

After the collision, only one eastbound lane of West Atlantic Boulevard remained open. According to WHDH News, this caused traffic to back up on the exit ramp for the northbound Florida Turnpike.

Complex Liability Questions May Arise

Although the investigation into this particular crash is in its preliminary stages, complex liability issues arise in the aftermath of some traffic accidents that involve commercial vehicles. In certain bus crashes, injured passengers seek compensation under Florida's personal injury laws. The pursuit of monetary damages for unpaid medical bills, pain, suffering, possible lost wages and long-term rehabilitation costs often occurs. If a bus collides with a commercial truck, liability extends to the truck company or a truck leasing company in some cases.

A knowledgeable investigation into such accidents may lead to understanding where negligent conduct may have contributed to the accident. In such complex accidents, multiple defendants are sometimes named if the filing of civil ligation occurs on behalf of injured parties.

Complimentary Consultation

When you or someone who you know suffers injury in a traffic accident that involves commercial vehicles, the issues are sometimes complicated. It is often helpful to discuss accident details with a Stuart, FL personal injury attorney that focuses on this area of the law. A no-charge consultation with an attorney regarding your case is available. To learn more, or to schedule an appointment, please contact us.