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Dog Bite Statistics and Legal Strategies

According to the Florida Department of Health, Florida residents reported 799 serious dog bite cases in 2009 and 2010. Among these, 86 percent of the dogs were known to the victim. People of any age can suffer injuries as the result of a dog bite, but children between five and nine years of age are bitten the most. Children are naturally drawn to dogs, but they don't always understand that not all dogs are friendly.

Dog owners are legally liable for the injuries caused by their dog as long as the victim was legally on their property. He or she is still liable if the dog chases someone off the property and bites the victim there. Because there are several defenses available to dog owners, it is important to hire a Stuart, FL Personal Injury Lawyer who will hold him or her accountable for injuries sustained by you or your child.

Potential Consequences of a Dog Attack

If the dog who bit you or your child is not up-to-date on rabies shots, you are right to be concerned. This condition can cause serious complications in humans. The risk of infection is always present as well. Severe bites can cause you to lose income when you miss time from work. Your child may miss several days or weeks of school and fall behind in his or her work.

Even after the physical pain of the dog bite subsides, you or your child may suffer from emotional trauma due to the attack. This may require long-term therapy to overcome. Our law firm helps you hold the dog owner accountable by filing a personal injury lawsuit on your behalf.

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