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The Unexpected Effects of Motor Vehicle Collisions

Car accidents can have many unanticipated effects on people's lives.

These effects aren't necessarily lethal or otherwise related to bodily injury, though they might unexpectedly inconvenience people or cause monetary losses. For example, a recent car crash reported in the Miami Herald resulted in a loss of electric power, Internet and cable for a number of Miami Beach residents. A single car had knocked over a utility pole, and this led to the problems in the surrounding homes and businesses.

Have you suffered from an accident that has led to unexpected effects in your life?

People might suffer injuries during accidents or require medical treatments afterwards that aren't covered by their medical insurance. They might be taken to a hospital that's out of their network or face a variety of charges on their bill for items that include expensive administrative fees. Their injuries might take a longer time to recover from than they expected; also, it might take years for the full effects of the injuries to crop up.

When it comes to vehicle damage, people might find that their insurance doesn't cover the full cost of repairing the vehicle or various components of it. It's possible that they sustained damage to property within the vehicle, such as an expensive electronic device they were carrying with them at the time of the crash. In addition to damage to the car, there might be damage to surrounding property, including buildings and mailboxes.

Other unexpected costs can pop up. These include the price of towing services, for example. People also need to consider the various ways that their lives might experience disruption after a car accident. For instance, they might need to pay for a babysitter because their injuries prevent them from looking after their kids.

When you work with a Stuart, FL car accident lawyer, your lawyer will carefully review all of the costs you face, including those you didn't anticipate. An experienced lawyer will help guide you towards sources of potential coverage and compensation. Don't hesitate to contact us for our thorough, dedicated work as your legal advocate.