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Stuart, FL Motorcycle Accident Lawyer On Risks Motorcyclists Face

While motorists in Florida share the road with bicycles and motorcycles, many drivers do not understand how to drive safely near these vehicles. Being aware of smaller vehicles on the road and knowing the risks motorcyclists face helps others to become more informed about safe driving practices, which may prevent motorcycle accidents.

Less Protective Gear

Motorcyclists face more danger than others involved in accidents because the vehicles have fewer features that protect riders from injury. This might be why FindLaw reports that those riding a motorcycle are five times more likely to be injured and 26 times more likely to be killed in an accident than those in passenger cars.

Paying Attention To Motorcycles

The risk for injury is compounded because many drivers forget to look for motorcyclists. Another motorist violated a motorcyclist's right of way in two-thirds of multiple vehicle motorcycle accidents. This means that these crashes were preventable and may have been avoided if other drivers were trained to watch for motorcycles.

Risky Areas

Since motorcycles are smaller than most other vehicles, they are easier to miss. This means one should know when it may be necessary to look out for motorcycles. A majority of accidents involving motorcycles take place at intersections, so one should watch for these vehicles when entering the intersection. Motorcycles can also be missed when trying to turn left, obscured by other vehicles or weather conditions impede visibility.

Taking Action After A Crash

Many motorcycle accidents might take place because of another driver's negligence, which could occur when drivers put the safety of others at risk by failing to pay enough attention to the road. If you or a loved one is a motorcyclist who was hit by a negligent driver, a Stuart, FL motorcycle accident lawyer could help you receive compensation from the responsible driver. Contact us today to learn about your rights after an accident.