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Injury Lawyer in Stuart, FL Can Help Prove Your Nursing Home Abuse Claim

Having to place an elderly parent or another relative in a nursing home is a wrenching decision for most families. The belief that the family member will receive loving care is the only thing that makes it easier. That is why it's so devastating when nursing home staff violates this trust and abuses your loved one instead. If you suspect that your family member has suffered abuse at the hands of nursing home staff, an injury lawyer in Stuart, FL can help.

What Constitutes Nursing Home Abuse?

Because nursing homes are often understaffed, it's easy for workers to make an honest mistake like forgetting to change a resident's shirt when he or she has stained it. When situations like that are infrequent, it isn't likely due to abuse. However, you are right to feel concerned when you notice a pattern of negligent or abusive behavior or your relative seems unusually frightened. You should contact a personal injury attorney immediately if you notice any of the following:

• Unexplained bruising

• The resident's clothes and room are rarely clean

• Bed sores or scratching or bruising due to the use of restraints

• Dramatic weight loss

• Evidence of sexual assault

If you have evidence of a crime, you should also contact the police.

Nursing Home Abuse Cases Can Be Hard to Prove

The fact that many elderly people suffer from dementia and may be fearful to say what is happening to them means that some abuse cases are difficult to prove. However, Lauri J. Goldstein & Associates, PLLC has the necessary experience to demonstrate that abuse has indeed occurred and the victim deserves to be compensated for it. If your family has suffered due to the abuse of a vulnerable adult, please contact us to schedule your initial consultation.