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How An Injury Attorney Can Help

From handling negotiations and the needs and wants of insurance companies, to doing everything necessary to protect your rights and fight for fair compensation, a good personal injury lawyer should be able to fully guide you through the process of a personal injury claim.

As you are getting ready for your consultation with a personal injury attorney, you will need to research and gather every piece of information that will have any meaning to your case. You should also bring photographs to your consultation. Your documents and photographs will give your attorney something to start with at your meeting.

Here are a few pieces of documents that you should bring to build a strong personal injury case:

  • Insurance policies
  • Medical records: The date you were hospitalized, the name of the hospital you were admitted to, medical bills, prescription receipts, etc.
  • Location of the accident, the exact date the accident occurred, and the time it happened
  • The dates you missed work because of your injuries
  • Paperwork showing how much money you lost because of the inability to work

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