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Defective Tire Lawsuits Require Effective Trial Attorneys

In October of 2011, Arizona resident Kimberly Allen was in a devastating single-vehicle accident that caused her car to roll several times. The results were multiple painful and debilitating injuries. From the condition of her tires, it seemed that a defective tire was to blame for the accident, so she took her case to court.

Michelin North America, Inc. was the manufacturer of the tire, which showed tread separation signs, and they were named as the defendant in the lawsuit. After evaluating her medical bills and personal suffering, she ultimately sought upwards of $20 million from the corporate giant. After a three-week trial, the jury ruled that Michelin was in no way at fault for the accident. So what happened to allow an injured woman to win zero compensation?

The Importance of Reliable Legal Representation

While it can be difficult to say for certain where things went wrong for the plaintiff from a perspective outside the courtroom, product liability cases, especially those involving defective tires, usually boil down to the effectiveness and dedication of the plaintiff’s personal injury lawyers. Part of Michelin’s ultimately-victorious defense relied on arguing that the tire appeared to have been “chronically under inflated” and that a previous puncture had been improperly patched days prior. A properly manufactured tire, however, might have never required any patchwork and would not have been rendered so dangerous due to imperfections in inflation calibration.

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