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Multi-Car Pileups

After a car accident, you might already know the importance of getting the information of the other driver. When you file your personal injury claim or notify your insurance company to tell them who was at fault, you will undoubtedly want to mention them. Seems straightforward but matters can become complicated if you are not familiar with the process.

The question remains, though: what are you supposed to do in a multi-car pileup? In such a traffic collision, the danger seems to multiply and suddenly you have so many more options and obstacles in your way when it comes to sorting out the details.

Is There a Unique Way to Handle Multi-Car Pileups?

For the most part, you will want to approach the situation just like you would with any other car accident. This means following the usual necessary steps, which include:

  1. Call the authorities
  2. Never admit fault
  3. Collect information
  4. Contact an attorney

The biggest difference is that you will need to collect driver’s license, insurance policy, and other identification information from several people. As troublesome as it might seem, if fifteen cars were involved with your car accident at a busy intersection, you should be getting information from fifteen different people. As a multi-car pileup is generally not quick to clean up or sort out, you probably will have the time to communicate with everyone. You should also ask if you can get a written statement from each driver, as you never know who saw what piece of critical evidence.

A Second Look at Step Four

Retaining the help of a professional car accident lawyer is crucial. In many cases, you will want to do this before you actually speak to your insurance company. With so many motorists involved in one crash, you are going to want to have some idea as to who is liable; the only way to determine this readily might be with the help of your attorney.

At Lauri J. Goldstein & Associates, PLLC, our Stuart car accident lawyers have years of combined experience handling complicated personal injury claims just like yours. Let us analyze the evidence of your collision and determine who we should file a claim against. Depending on the situation, this might be multiple drivers, but we are not afraid of tackling the challenge head-on. Call 866-675-4427 if you have any questions, or call our 24/7 Emergency Hotline number at 772-214-6464!