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Should I See a Doctor After a Car Wreck?

Odds are unfortunately high that if you get into a car accident or wreck, you are going to sustain some sort of physical injury. From broken bones and lacerations to whiplash and head trauma, any number of painful consequences can result. The question that stems from these injuries is whether or not you should see a doctor right away?

Let’s start off by saying this: if you need emergency medical attention, you should not refuse it. No amount of money saved is worth your wellbeing or your life. But what about for matters that do not seem as severe, such as soreness in your back or minor cuts?

No matter the extent of your injuries, you should see a doctor as soon as possible. Not only will you be taking care of yourself, but you will also be creating medical records that can be used as evidence in your claim. Make certain you get a copy or two of documentation the hospital, paramedics, or physicians create.

What If I Don’t Feel Anything Wrong?

Everyone has different pain thresholds. Some people are quite sensitive to the slightest scratch, and others won’t even notice if their hand is on a hot stove. In either situation, the damage is real. Regardless of whether or not you feel pain after a car accident, you could very well be injured, perhaps internally. The smart choice is to seek medical attention every time you are in a traffic collision. Better safe than sorry, as many wisely say. Consider this: if you can prove that you were not liable for the accident, you shouldn’t be paying for the visits to the doctor in the end anyway.

Speaking of which, personal injury attorneys both near and far often agree that you should never take the first settlement an insurance company offers you. It is usually the minimum amount they can legally propose, and it will rarely take any of your bills and costs into account. Before you agree to any settlement, contact a Stuart personal injury lawyer from Lauri J. Goldstein & Associates, PLLC first. We can discuss your legal options and how much compensation you should be seeking in a free case evaluation.

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