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Stuart, FL Car Accident Attorney Discusses Common Acts of Negligence

When a motorist fails to exercise reasonable care that a person of ordinary prudence would exercise while driving, the motorist is being negligent. Negligence can either be an action or failure to take an action. How does a prudent driver behave? When engaged in a dangerous activity such as driving, the person would try to drive as safely as possible in an effort to avoid getting into an accident. The person would also observe the traffic laws.

While people have a common sense idea of negligence, many would be surprised to find that some of their own driving habits are negligent. Here are four examples of negligent driving:

Distracted Driving

The first time someone gets behind the wheel when learning to drive, he was probably nervous about doing something wrong that might cause an accident. Eating breakfast, grooming, reading a magazine, texting, daydreaming, or talking on the phone were probably the last things he wanted to do in such a situation. Controlling the car and driving safely were foremost on his mind. This person was feeling and acting as a prudent driver would.

Driving While in an Incapacitated State of Mind

When it is impossible to keep one's mind focused and alert, one should not drive. Sleepiness, extreme exhaustion, medication, and inebriation are examples of states where one does not have the alertness and mental agility to drive.

Not Using the Controls and Features Properly

Failure to turn on the headlights after the sun sets, not using the turn signal when changing lanes, failure to brake properly for the road conditions, not using the horn to warn another motorist, and failure to heed dash warning lights that affect control of the car could all cause an accident.

Failure to Do Proper Car Maintenance

Tire neglect that causes a blowout or results in loss of control because of worn out tread endangers the car owner and others on the road. Worn out brake pads or a low brake fluid level, burned out headlights, or neglect of any other car component that is vital for safe driving can also potentially cause an accident.

These examples should give you a more concrete idea of negligent driving and help you to avoid it as well as identify it in the driving of another who may have involved you in an accident.

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