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Actor Tom Hanks Facing Lawsuit for Car Accident He Was Not There For

Famous Hollywood actor Tom Hanks and his wife, Rita Wilson, are facing a lawsuit based on the actions of their son, Chet Hanks, who is a legal adult.

On a California highway in 2015, Chet caused a fender bender with Mr. Terry Moogan, resulting in vehicle damage, physical harm to Mr. Moogan, as well as emotional trauma, according to the lawsuit. Mr. Moogan also states accusatorily that Chet was under the influence of drugs and possibly even alcohol at the time of the collision.

It is not clear if the incriminating accusation is entirely truthful but it is not entirely out of the question. Chet has admitted in recent months that he was struggling with alcohol and drug abuse, so much so that he admitted himself into a rehabilitation program last summer.

How Does Tom Hanks Come Into Play?

The vehicle that Chet crashed into Mr. Moogan is owned by Tom Hanks and his wife. The lawsuit is aimed at them, and not even Chet at all, because, according to Mr. Moogan, they should have acted responsibly and stopped their son from using the vehicle while it was possible that he was under the influence of an illegal substance.

Extended liability and pointing out negligence in unlikely parties in a personal injury lawsuit is not unheard of. When an investigation is thorough, evidence of negligence can be found in surprising places, including in the hands of someone who was nowhere near the site of the accident or incident.

Consider how a truck accident case might unfold. When an exhausted truck driver plows into oncoming traffic because he fell asleep at the wheel, not only would he face a lawsuit but so would his parent company for permitting him to work while fatigued. It might even be possible to determine that the company intentionally scheduled him more hours than was reasonable. That same idea of extended liability is being used in Mr. Moogan’s lawsuit. Whether or not the court will uphold it is another matter altogether.

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