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Red-Light Cameras Will Remain on Florida Streets, Court Says

Red-light traffic cameras have been surrounded in at least a little bit of controversy ever since they first starting showing at key intersections throughout cities in the 90s. Something about “big brother” and “all-seeing eyes” tends to make people worry. Nerves came to a high point when Florida police organizations were accused of delegating some of their responsibilities to American Traffic Solutions (ATS), one of the country’s leading manufacturers of red-light traffic cams. People wanted to see ATS cameras off the streets and the matter climbed up to the Third District Court of Appeal for a ruling.

The court decided that the ATS cameras, their functionality, and how they are managed do not violate any Florida laws. It concluded that the work ATS performs with the law enforcement agencies throughout Florida is merely secretarial, helping them complete their work but not actually taking control of the project, as they had been accused. The result is that red-light traffic cameras will not be leaving the state, not due to this issue, anyway.

Probably Better That They Stay

Intersections are where the majority of car accidents occur. Many intersection accidents are caused by a driver barreling through a red light in an attempt to save themselves 30 seconds. Instead, the plow into oncoming traffic or people turning left who never had a chance to spot them coming.

Independent studies into traffic cameras have shown consistently that red-light running collisions are reduced when a traffic cam is present. Reckless drivers who know that a mechanical eye is watching their every move tend to heed traffic laws for fear of punishment later. Florida is also in the top three states for motor vehicle fatalities at red-light intersections, so removing them now would unlikely be to anyone’s benefit, other than the people who routinely speed through intersections.

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