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Hoverboards Officially Declared Unsafe for Public Use

If you have seen someone zipping around on one of those electronically-powered, two-wheel hoverboards that were incredibly popular in the 2015 holiday season, you have undoubtedly also seen a video of a rider being thrown off the device and sustaining serious injuries. Dig a little deeper into internet videos and news stories and you will also find plenty of footage of hoverboards bursting into flames without warning, causing severe burns and extensive damage to homes and apartments. This has become such a widespread problem, Amazon yanked many of the products off their online shelves months ago and the public became seriously concerned for their safety.

Thankfully, the United States government was listening to complaints and did some investigating of its own. The conclusion reached by the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) is that hoverboards are simply not safe enough for public use and sale. In an official announcement distributed to retailers, manufacturers, and more, the CPSC claimed that the gliders could actually cause death in certain situations, especially if they ignite within a closed space.

What Happens Now That It Is Official?

The CPSC’s notification that hoverboards that have not been inspected by a qualified third-party, which currently includes all hoverboards sold in the United States, are unsafe has shed some light on what consumers can do when they are hurt by this unsafe product. In particular, it has provided strong, government-backed evidence for those filing product liability claims for damages. There is still a bit of a trick required to actually find out who can be sued for an unsafe hoverboard’s hazards. Many of the devices are sold with no official markings and no instruction manuals, and by a temporary kiosk that can be gone by the end of the month.

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