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What is Chinese Drywall?

Usually when you see a “Made in China” tag on a product, you think nothing of it or, at the most, ponder over global economics and the decrease of American manufacturing plants. But if you see that same tag on the drywall in your home, you could be in serious trouble.

According to the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC), defective or otherwise hazardous drywall products have been shipped overseas from multiple Chinese manufacturing plants and companies with little to no regulation since 2001. The so-called Chinese drywall is thought to have been distributed and installed in homes, offices, and more in at least 44 states and as recently as 2007. The telltale sign of Chinese drywall is a strong scent of rotten eggs, as the primary defect is a high sulfur level.

A foul odor is not the only problem consumers and homeowners have encountered. Due to the sulfur content, metal portions within or on walls, such as inner support beams or electrical channeling, corrode or blacken at an alarming rate; electronics and HVAC units fail more frequently than can be explained; and continued exposure to the drywall has reportedly caused headaches, bloody noses, difficulty breathing, and even asthma attacks.

Chinese Drywall Lawsuits

A recent report from the Louisiana Record (seen in full here) covers a couple in New Orleans who have brought a lawsuit against several parties for sulfur-laden Chinese drywall within their homes. They are citing millions worth of recoveries necessary to fully replace all of the drywall in their home, as well as damage it has caused to their property and health. It highlights the importance of bringing product liability lawsuits to court and holding negligent parties responsible for the defective and dangerous items they bring into consumer homes.

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