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Filing a Car Accident Claim: The Necessities

Before you set your mind on filing a car accident claim, you might want to take a moment to make certain you are prepared to do so. Haste makes waste, after all, and rushing into things without having your paperwork in order could be detrimental to your case in the end. Take a look at a few things you should have handy when filing your car accident claim:

  1. Police report: Did the police show up to your accident site? They should have if there was an injury or significant damage. Have any reports they created on hand and review it for any verbiage that indicates the other driver was at fault.
  2. Medical records: Even for a quick outpatient procedure after an accident, such as what might happen if you suffered minor whiplash or a sprain, should general some sort of medical record upon your examination. The information on there is valuable so don’t misplace it.
  3. Digital pictures: When you call your insurance provider to let them know what happened, the more you can tell and provide them upfront, the better. They will usually be pleased to hear that you had the foresight to snap a few pictures and may offer you a way to upload them directly then and there.
  4. Attorney: This last one might not be something that you have just lying around after your accident, which makes it all the more important! With a professional car accident lawyer on your side from the beginning – yes, even before you file your car accident claim – you can greatly increase your chances of making an avoidable blunder that shifts liability and costs onto you.

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