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Wet Weather Driving This Winter

Florida is no stranger to rainfall year round, but it can get particularly tricky to manage driving in wet weather around the wintertime. If you do a decent amount of commuting to get to work, school, or other appointments, you should be aware that wet pavement often translates directly to car accidents. Take a look at these top 5 helpful safety hints to keep in mind when driving to increase your chances of avoiding a dangerous collision.

  1. Quick maintenance: If you have not had your tires’ positions rotated, pressure adjusted, and threading inspected recently, now is the time to do it. Also see if your windshield wipers are performing as they should. Not many things can be more hazardous to a driver than an obscured field of view.
  2. Decreased speed: Rushing around in the rain is not a safe idea. Better to decrease your velocity and increase the distance between you and the car in front than to risk an accident. Remember: you can hydroplane out of control at speeds as low as 30 miles per hour.
  3. Illumination: Leave your headlights on at all times when it is raining, even if it is the middle of the day and the sun is still peeking through the cloud cover. The twin lamps of headlights are easily recognizable to all drivers from great distances and can allow them to steer clear of a collision.
  4. No cruising: The name cruise control becomes misleading in the rain, as the feature is actually more difficult to control on wet pavement. In particular, braking in wet weather should be started by taking your foot off the accelerator, an action that does nothing if cruise control is on.
  5. Slide management: In the event that you feel your car starting to slide and skid, take your foot gradually off the gas and steer in the direction you intend on going. Avoid hitting the brakes as this can only exacerbate the intensity of the slide.

Even with the best tips fresh in your mind, you could find yourself caught in the rain and in a car accident due to the neglect and carelessness of another motorist. If this happens to you, our Stuart car accident attorneys at Lauri J. Goldstein & Associates, PLLC can assist you. We have 75+ years of combined experience under our belt that we can utilize to craft you a personal injury case that takes all of your needs into account. Dial 866-675-4427 to get in touch with us today.